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From the beginning, our Firm has been laser-focused on litigating technologically complex cases. From the first moment meeting with a new client, we're focused on how we can use our unique blend of technical expertise and courtroom skill to achieve the best possible outcome in every matter. This focus informs our approach at every stage of the litigation, from pre-suit negotiations to motion practice and through closing argument at trial.  


We are highly skilled and thorough in our analysis and have in-house expertise in some of the most advanced computer forensic techniques and software.  

In addition to being a skilled litigator, the Firm's principal, Joshua J. Horowitz, Esq. has been previously qualified as an expert in federal court in cybersecurity forensics and computer forensics and has litigated some of the most technologically complex cases of the modern era.      

Recent Trial Results

Commonwealth v. I-Dean F. – Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia, PA (December 16, 2019) – Total acquittal on Third Degree Murder and related weapons charges.  Mr. Horowitz was retained as co-counsel to focus specifically on cell phone forensic and call detail record (CDR) data critical to the prosecution’s case.  Mr. Horowitz’s focused cross-examination of the prosecution’s cell phone expert witnesses highlighted exculpatory information buried in thousands of pages of Call Detail Records and undermined the reliability of the prosecution’s cell phone forensic evidence.


Through Mr. Horowitz’s meticulous analysis of call detail records and cell phone forensic data, his cross-examination at trial demonstrated that the Police Department’s failure to follow basic principles of forensic cell phone acquisition and analysis resulted in unreliable data, forcing a prosecution expert witness to admit on cross-examination that “the contents of the [text message database file] was modified sometime after the cell phone was taken into police custody.”   

The Jury acquitted on all counts, including Murder in the Third Degree.       

Notable Cases

United States v. Noor Salman


           United States District Court 

           Middle District of Florida


Historic acquittal of Noor Salman, which the New York Times called "the rarest of defeats" for federal prosecutors. Ms. Salman was charged with aiding and abetting the horrific Pulse Nightclub Shooting.  


The firm’s principal, Joshua J. Horowitz, Esq. was retained as an expert by the defense to analyze multiple forensic images of computers, cell phones and other electronic devices and records.  Mr. Horowitz was qualified as an expert in cyber forensics and demonstrated to the jury the falsity of the following statement:











Mr. Horowitz distilled several terabytes of computer forensic evidence from multiple electronic devices and hundreds of thousands of pages of electronic records into a concise, understandable and compelling presentation to the jury.

His analysis of the server logs for the Pulse Nightclub web server and other available electronic records and evidence demonstrated that no electronic devices seized by the government had accessed the Pulse Nightclub web server.     

Ms. Salman was acquitted of all charges,

the only ever full acquittal in a case involving a domestic terrorism charge. 

Stmt Excerpt.png

United States v. Ulbricht (Silk Road)


       United States District Court 

      Southern District of New York


In a case of first impression, the firm’s principal, Joshua J. Horowitz, Esq. was retained as co-counsel to analyze multiple terabytes of computer forensic data seized from servers and computers around the globe.  


The case involved allegations of an international narcotics trafficking conspiracy carried out via the dark web and utilizing cryptocurrency as a method of payment.  


Based on his extensive review of the forensic data in the case, Mr. Horowitz submitted an 18-page declaration poking holes in the FBI’s assertions of how they discovered the initial Silk Road server located in an Icelandic data center. 


The Horowitz Declaration withstood the scrutiny of computer experts worldwide who were closely following the Silk Road case.  TechCrunch’s coverage of the case described Mr. Horowitz’s combined litigation and technical expertise as “a rare skill for those in the legal profession.” 

As an example of Mr. Horowitz's demonstrated expertise in litigating technologically complex cases, read the Horowitz Declaration below: