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Federal & State Criminal Defense

The firm is dedicated to representing individuals and corporate entities under investigation or charged with criminal offenses.  The firm's principal, Joshua J. Horowitz, Esq. has represented clients at all stages of criminal proceedings, from grand jury practice through appeals.  


In recognition of his expertise in federal criminal practice, Mr. Horowitz has been selected by the federal judiciary and his peers to serve on the Southern and Eastern District of New York Criminal Justice Act ("CJA") Panels.  This honor is reserved for lawyers who have demonstrated the highest competence in all aspects of federal criminal practice, including the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, the United States Sentencing Guidelines, Federal Rules of Evidence, and all aspects of federal criminal trial practice.  



The firm has successfully obtained dismissals, acquittals, and/or favorable dispositions in a broad variety of state and federal criminal matters, ranging from Murder, to Racketeering prosecutions (RICO), sex crimes, assaults, money laundering, computer fraud and other offenses.  Through meticulous preparation and development of case theory, the firm has achieved outstanding results for its clients.


 If you've been charged with a crime or even suspect that you may be the target of a Government investigation, call us immediately, 24 hours a day, to discuss the details of your case.  It is absolutely critical that you engage competent and expert legal counsel immediately at the earliest stage possible.  


For the best possible representation, contact us today.           

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