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We're Not Just Computer Experts.
We're Not Just Skilled Trial Lawyers.
We're Both.

The outcome of any case is dependent on trial counsel's ability to put together a compelling narrative based on the facts of the case developed at trial.  The stage is often set well before the actual trial takes place through investigation, motion practice and in the civil context, depositions.  In the heat of battle, things can change in an instant.  The most skilled trial lawyers can adapt on the fly and conform their presentation of evidence, cross-examinations and case theories to maximize the benefit to their clients at any precise moment during the course of trial.  


When the underlying facts of the case are technologically complex, you need skilled trial counsel with technical expertise.  The Firm's founder Joshua J. Horowitz is a skilled trial lawyer and expert.  He has been qualified as an expert in cybersecurity and forensics under the Federal Rules of Evidence and has litigated some of the most technologically complex cases in the modern era.  


For the best possible representation in technologically complex litigation, contact us today.           

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